Hiya! I'm Linda Cunningham and this is my story!


I grew up in the 1980’s in a house that was cluttered with my Dad’s Super 8 and Pentax cameras so it was inevitable that one of us would pave a career in this industry. I went on to study Film at Queen’s University in Belfast at a time when the darkroom was still the main medium used to make prints and photo enhancements. (Yes, I know I am officially old, Ha)

Linda Cunningham

Then came the ground-breaking Digital & Photoshop era, which made the process much easier and faster for us and with that came a shift in traditional wedding photography style where the subject had to stand still and grin into the camera to a more realistic documentary style of photography.

I have been shooting weddings since 2004 and my approach is simple. I enter each wedding day as a diligent onlooker, and since no two weddings are ever quite the same, I’m prepared for the unexpected. I grab those split second moments as they happen naturally, the love, the tears, the emotions and all the goings-on.  I won’t have you away for hours on end from your nearest and dearest and I will create images that you can look back on and remember how you felt as opposed to how you were told to feel. And of course, I’m happy to carry out traditional family style photos upon request, after all family photography is genealogy in the making.

Outside of photography I’m happiest when I’m making memories with my son, (who is growing up far to fast), practicing yoga, drinking Punjana tea, speaking in Irish, helping others and laughing out loud.

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